March 14, 2016

Zoblak System

Problem analysis

Processes and activities on farms, likewise broiler chicken farms, are strictly regulated and errors are excessively expensive. Therefore it is vital to have a reliable real-time monitoring and system about the essential farm parameters and an instant notification channel and alarming functionality about errors, hazardous conditions and potential warnings. Currently available products are either insufficiently developed, unreliable or too expensive – or a combination of each.

Our solution and target market

The Zoblak middle ware platform is very flexible and applicable to many different business processes. We have implemented the monitoring and alarming functionalities of the Zoblak System service which senses the vital farm parameters, collects, aggregates and sends them via mobile data networks to Zoblak Cloud services for analysis. If it turns out that the parameters are not within the expected norms a notification and alarm are instantly launched towards the mobile phone numbers defined by the farmer – SMS & CALL. The details about the events can be observed anytime via the Zoblak System web application. Zoblak System can be made redundant on each of its critical points – and it has local autonomy in case of a power outage or surge.


As it is modular, the price of Zoblak System greatly depends upon the customers’ needs. A basic set with temperature, humidity and camera monitoring can be obtained for as low as 499 EUR.

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